March 7 - Stairway to Heaven Gala

The theme 'Stairway to Heaven' was represented from the moment you arrived and walked across the white carpet, through the "pearly gates", into the VIP Cloud Nine Cocktail Reception. There were angels fluttering around to the sounds of a live harpist as they sold tickets to the promotional draw which offered a variety of "Heavenly Vacation Packages". The dining room was breathtaking, offering the illusion that you had climbed above the clouds into Heaven, and the theme was carried throughout the evening via the creative menu.

The entertainment included the opening act of Dr. Draw and the Strange Parade with No Parachute Theatre, who performed an amazing rendition of Stairway to Heaven with a silk dancer to captivate everyone's attention. The angelic voice of Juno Award Winning Artist Chantal Kreviazuk closed the show. Community speakers from the local Ambassador School enraptured the crowd and Michael "Pinball" Clemons created a room that was inspired to join the newly formed MPCF All-Stars; a group of philanthropic individuals committed to raising funds for the under resourced in our own community.

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