It Factor Philanthropy

Our president Natasha Borota is the co-founder of The Michael ‘Pinball’ Clemons Foundation, in 2005 Mike and Natasha came together and found a way to ‘Be The Change’ to as many youth as they could in challenging positions. The It Factor team understands the importance of our social obligation to help those in need and it is our personal commitment to set ambitious goals to enrich as many lives as possible.

The “it factor” by definition describes an undeniable quality a person possesses that makes them charismatic and attractive. We believe our charisma can be put to good use in our efforts to help those around us. Our philanthropic mission continues to be to take strides toward creating positive life experiences and opportunities for those who would benefit from them. Working locally and globally, our dream team can only be satisfied when our work is done at the highest capacity. Below are a few of the organizations we are proud to have chosen to support with monetary, in-kind donations or with the precious gift of time.